Wake up… Continued

1130 am round two…. and it keeps going


Tuesday 1130am

You would think that after the thorough fucking I got this morning I wouldn’t still be craving more, but my body is telling me differently. My nipples are still hard and erect, straining against the barbells in them. The sticky wetness between my thighs is now growing moist again. My extreamly sexy girlfriends arm draped across my hips, as my lower half is exposed my nightgown has been hiked up during sleep I realize. I stretch my body against hers, pressing my ass to her pussy once more. Indicating to her I am anything but done. She stirs slightly and grabs my hip hard, gripping my hip bone and pulling my ass closer to her, holding it there when my stretch is done. Her pussy grinding against the back of me.  I sigh deeply and full of pleasure. I want her again, the fire in my abdomen being stoked again and craving her touch. I roll  over to face her, kissing her, tugging on her ears with my teeth and nipping her neck I push my leg over her body, exposing my now slick pussy to her. Open and there for her to shove her stong and forceful fingers into.  She kisses me, the warmth of her tounge finding mine, desire clearly there. She pushes me on my back, stradeling my leg with hers. I can feel the heat from her pussy against my thigh. She rubs her clit against my leg, using her  powerful thigh to stroke my own pulsing clit. My ring and the wet membrane slidding against the roughness of her pants. Her hands seek out my breast and pinch my nipple hard, not releasing them….tweeking my ring between her thumb and forfinger. The desire she has stoked now rapidly growing to a raging fire. She grinds our legs and pussies together, the friction causing heat and slick wentess as I gush my juice all over her pants.  She thrusts her hips back and slides down my body, spreading my legs open as she goes. Pinching my nipple harder as she releases it. She expertly guides her hands between my wet and slick thighs. She ensures my legs are spread as far as possible. Knowing she loves to see me, naked and vulerable and cumming before her a new gush of wetness pours from my vagina. She removes both hands and stands up, reaching for the drawer next to the bed.  The cool air causing my clit to pulse and demand the heat of her once again. She gets the pink, vibrater out of the drawer and flicks it on. Placing herself once again between my open and shaking legs she put the tool directly on my slippery and throbing clit. Sending white hot flames of ecstasy through my entire body, i arch into her movements. My head leaning back and my pelvis arching into the bed. She moves the tool slowling but surely around my clit, never touching my ring with it. Driving the sensation up through my abdomen, the heat spreading like wildfire and demanding release. My legs shaking and teetering on the edge she finally places rhe sweet vibrations directly on my pulsing, screaming clit. I can feel myself ready to tip over the egde, wanting the climax that my pussy is demanding for. My muscles are clenching and craving her fingers, her cock, the toy … Anything inside of me. I can feel the wetness dripping out of my pussy and pooling on the bed beneath me.All the while my girl making me climb higher and higher, knowing until she enters me I wont cum. She watches as i moan and grind my hips further into the bed. My juices gushing out of my pussy with every movement of her tool. Unable to take anymore I grab her hand by the wrist, demanding she enter me and let me go into the light,let the heat and orgasm overcome my entire body. She pushes the vibrations  deep inside my pussy. With one clean movement she is entering and exiting me fast and demanding. I let myself tip over the egdge, my orgasm triggering a fountin of cum to release and soak her hand, the tool and the sheats. Murcilessly she continues to fuck me.  My body rocking against her movements i release once more. She can feel my legs shaking and the sweet juice all over her. She withdraws the tool placing the vibrations back on my swollen and throbing clit. My breathing is ragged and I just want to feel the heat of her body against mine. She removes the it  and turns the vibration off. Leaning in she places a soft kiss on my lips…. “Shower time my love” she whispers and gets up. Leaving me to the sweet sticky mess and blissful contentment that she has just given me.

Wake up!

September 12/13,2017

I couldn’t wait for my girl to go to work today to start on this story, I can definitely by far say that this has been the hottest thing I have seen and done in my life. I have had a lot of experiences, and love to “have fun” as she says, but this turns me on just remembering the events of last night

I am going to back up to the night before with a few facts of how yesterday came to be, how the things that happened came out, and pardon the lack of details, but the facts are relative to last nights escapades.

On Monday night my girl and I decided to relax and have a few drinks. After getting unnecessarily intoxicated we started to mess around. My beautiful girl put her strap on on under her clothes and proceeded to pull it out randomly and shove her long hard cock inside of me as she wished. Bending me over the counter, the back of the couch, the floor, the vanity and even the traditional bed. Every time she would get me to the point that my body was ready for that sweet release she would pull it out and put it away, leaving a burning in my soul and a fire in my belly with desire for her to fuck me, hard and fast and let me cum all over her cock, but no matter what I did or say or how much I would beg her she wont let me. At one time, she told me to “suck her dick” and being as horny and turned on as I was, I dropped to my knees, her cock out and standing over me, I slid the plastic deep into my throat, slowly letting her watch me while I engulfed as much as I could stuff down my throat. Not having any gag reflexes this was just a simply as much as I could physically fit. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she pulls her fingers through my hair and gently pulled my hair shoving her dick further down my throat then i thought possible. She gasps as the visual she is witnessing in front of her. Just as she has done to me for the last two hours, I pulled the cock out of my mouth and rocked back on my heals and stand up. I stumbled to the bed, and in a hot, horny wet mess, pass out.

Tuesday 7 am- Round One.

I wake with a headache and a urging I cant get under control. My pussy is clenching, dripping and the memories of last night flood my thoughts. My girl is next to me sleeping. My tummy not feeling so well from the amount of alcohol we ingested last night I decide its time to take a shower. I crawl to the shower, every step making my head throb harder. I dont know if I am still drunk or starting to the the worst hangover I have had in a long time. I grab some tylonol on my way through and take them. I take the hottest and longest shower in the world, washing away the stickiness between my legs, the touch of my loufa against my throbbing clit telling me my body is still craving that sweet, mind blowing release. I crave the touch of my girl, to take her skilled fingers and shove them deep inside my clenching and tight pussy. After half an hour of pure torture, the water pulsing on my rock hard nipples, my body screaming to be allowed to release I get out of the shower, I pull on a clean night gown and crawl back into bed with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. The sight of her makes me wet again, instantly. Her perfect tits rising and falling, her ass half in the air and half against the sheets of our bed. Her perfect hips, that I love to grab and pull into me while she fucks me deep, cocked so perfectly that my ass will slide right into them with out moving her. I pull the blanket back and literally back my ass into her pussy. My body forming against hers She stirs and asks me if I am okay, “yes baby, but I need you to fuck me and fuck me now” I tell her. With those words her eyes are open, she is up and pulling on the boxers that house the cock I am quickly learning to love. She grabs the cock from the drawer and disappears into the bathroom leaving me to wonder what she has in store for me. I am fully prepared to beg for that colorful, eye rolling bliss that she is fully capable of giving to me. Knowing that it is her decision when she is going to let me tip off the edge of the cliff. The more that I think about this the wetter I become. The heat between my legs is exhilarating, my clit is throbbing and demanding attention. I am afraid to touch it myself as I know that I am going to cum almost instantly and I want her, I want that release to be all over her, drenching her in my juice, knowing that this will instantly turn her on as much as it does me. My eyes are closed, as I lay open and waiting for her in the bed. I hear the water turn off and she walks back to our room. I wait for the touch of her fingers, the feel of the cold cock against the heat of my pussy, something, anything for that physical touch of her. She comes next to the bed, and slides her hands into my hair, she pulls my face to her dick and forces me to take it in my mouth. Watching her head lull back with the sheer power of controlling me, of making me do as she wishes and exstacy that this causes her instantly causes a puddle between my legs. No longer able to control my self, I pull her to me, kissing her, shoving my tongue into her mouth, rapidly and forcefully, the taste of plastic in my mouth, the feeling of her dick rubbing against my wet and swollen womanhood, makes me instantly on the edge of the cliff, I am so desperately seeking to jump off of. To have the sweet rush of pleasure and the need for her to fill my swollen and tight pussy. She leans back, watching my every move, pushing my legs up further and taking the tip of her dick and calming my pussy by tapping it on my pulsing clit. She sits there looking at me, vulnerable and open waiting for her to enter me and give me the release my body is craving so much. She takes the tip and enters me slightly, I arch my back and let out a loud gasp! “ please fuck me baby” I request, knowing that she will not deny me any longer, she shoves her dick into me, the entire way. She slowly pulls back and enters me again, this time with more thrust and power, driving me wild, pulling her down, wanting her to go deeper and harder, knowing that the climax is only a few seconds away. I buck against her as she thrusts deep and hard into my clenching pussy. White lights flicker before my eyes, heat and wetness sliding from between my thighs and my clit screaming to be touched and released. The pounding on my pussy sends me to the exile of orgasm, I give into the release, “I am cumming” I scream as I buck against her harder and harder, grabbing that perfect ass and pulling her into my pussy, clawing at her back, begging her to lean down, to feel her body heat against my clit and send me further over the edge into the abyss. She complies with my body language, leaning in and probing my mouth with her tongue. The heat sending me into a second round of excasy as her cock is berried deep inside of my tight and spastic pussy. The flood of light and bliss overwhelming and demanding I give into it. She slowly but forcefully pushing her cock as far in as she can go. I grab her hips and her ass demanding her to still and let the orgasm pass and rest. She continues to keep her dick inside of me and slightly moving it as my body clenches in coersion with my pussy, my juice dripping down the inside of my legs, down her boxers and pooling on the sheets below us. As she slightly moves, I see her eyes rolling back, knowing being this deep inside of me, the slight movement and rubbing of my clit against hers under the cock is sending her into the abyss of pleasure. She moans, and thus sends my clit pulsing again. She continues to move slightly and sharply rubbing her now swollen and wet pussy against the inside of the shorts. She is going to cum, and it is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. She leans back just slightly to get a deeper motion inside of my pussy. Watching her cum on me, and inside of me is sending me back to the edge again. She bucks against me, moving sharply and roughly. Pounding her long, thick cock hard and roughly into me She releases all over the inside of the shorts, I can feel both hers and my own wetness against my pussy. The heat and wetness against my own clit and knowing that I am going to cum again I pull her hips and ass as deep as possible and rub my own clit against her swollen clit and wet shorts. I grind my clit while my pussy tightens and releases against her cock. “your making me cum” I tell her. My voice raspy and demanding her to be deep. She watches as I squirt my juice all over he cock, her thighs and her my own. She watches as i grind my clit into her body and clench every muscle. The spasm causing me to forget how breath, my eyes rolling in the back of my head and my own hands tweaking my hard and swollen nipples. The light and heat engulfing me, and the vision of her orgasm dancing before my closed eyes. She leans in and kisses me, stilling her cock inside of me, my legs shaking and my whole body trembling. She allows me to catch my breath, to let the intense and deep orgasm subside before she slowly withdraws her cock from my pussy. She allows my body to cave into a puddle on the bed. In one quick movement she strips the shorts and cock. She pulls on pants and curls in behind me, pulling my ass into her hips as I first intended when she woke up. She wraps her arms around me and lets me fall into a deep sleep, engulfed in the safety of her arms, and the sweet dreams of the pleasure she has just given me. She knows I am sated, at least for now.

Getting Caught- Part two The Bar

So about two hours later, 5-6 shots and quite a bit of pool and dancing, I decide that its time to go to the bathroom and go to the next party.  Hanging out at the bar, and not having panties on with a dress was very exciting. Something I have never done before, but certainly exciting.  Randomly my date would send me a text saying, i can almost see that wet pussy, or I wanna fuck you right here, and send a picture of the pool table or the stage.  It was a huge  and i was so just ready to go home and not even hit the next party, but commitments are commitments. and i was going to stick with them.  I hugged most of my friends good bye and made sure to give the birthday boy a last shot of liquor while making sure his babysitter was still sober enough to get him home and excused myself to the rest room.  Now this was a “dive bar” and one that I would not normally frequent but one that was alot of fun with this crowd of poeple. Teetering on my high heals and trying to touch up my make up while not rubbing lipstick all over my neck and  face, I feel a hand on my back sliding down to the curve of my ass. I immediately know that it is my date and she certainly isnt done with me. She has left me wanting more, soaking wet and teasing me all night, and I know that this is about to get hot. The bathroom has two full stalls and an alcove in the corner that is blocked out by the two stalls.  She is pulling my wrist and pushing me into the corner of the alcove. She places a hand over my mouth and tells me to be quiet.  Knowing that this is impossible for me, its a hard task to follow. She shoves my dress up and enters me with 2 fingers. She is anything but gentle this time. I let out a loud gasp. “shhhhhhhh” she reminds me. I am already wet enough to be slidding down my inner theighs. I am already seeing stars and feel the heat swelling in my clit. I am pulsing, wanting her to go faster and just make it end.  She withdraws her fingers and places a hand over my mouth.  We can hear people comming through the back hall where the bathroom is located. “shut the fuck up” a woman yells, and enters the room. She stumbles into the first empty stall, slamming the door.  We are still in the corner of the “open” stall and totally visable. My date pushes me further into the wall and locks her warm mouth over mine. Grabbing me by the back of the head she pulls my hair back with one hand and re-enters me with the other. This time she is anyting but gentle. She has her thumb applying pressure on the swelling in my clit, my juices are running down her hand, the inside of my legs and my head lolling to one side. I know I am about to tip over the edge and into the bliss of pheramones that will finally sate the gnawing, burning feeling  in my loins. “do NOT STOP” i breath out, panting and knowing that I am about to cum all over her hand and possibly all over my dress. The release is exactly what I am craving what I need and what my body desires. My muscles clench, my body is shaking, I can feel the heat that is swollen in my clit, I am so ready to jump off the cliff and in to sation. She removes her pressure on my clit and lightly flicks it. This is all the ecnouragement I need to fall over the edge. My body clenches, my stomach tightens and with that i scream “i am cumming” she pushes her fingers faster and harder.  My body pulses and my clit finally releasees all of the pulsing that has been built up. She feels my body release and removes her fingers. I slide down the inside of the wall and finally open my eyes. The seas of bright lights, liquor and sweet release are making my head spin. ” dont let me interupt” a voice says to the left of us. We both snap our heads over, and realize the person in the other stall was the bartender, and she was grinning from ear to ear. With that she flicks her long dark hair and marches back to the bar.

“Oh shit, now what?” i ask. I am mortified at what just happened and what the bartender potentially would have witnessed.  ” The exits just out side the bathrooms, we leave as we planned”  she replies, thrusting a hand towards me. I take her hand, steady myself on my heals, and run my fingers through my hair. No matter how mortified I am I will not let it keep my head down. I paste a smile on my face and walk out the back door of the bar.

Getting Caught! Ekkk the first time……part 1 of 3

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t care who walks in, the timing is right,  the chemistry is right and the mood is set? But you also get the rush of excitement knowing that someone could walk in at any moment, making it all that much more exciting?  Well this happened to me, and not just once, not twice but 3 times in the same night! I swear I have the worst luck ever on this night.  Intrigued yet? Here is the story.

I was seeing a girl, a nurse to be exact. She was quite a bit more wild then even myself, but hey who isnt up for new experiences right?  I invited her over for my friends birthday party. The pre-drinking was at my place along with appetizers and cake.  The pre-drinking was alot of hard liquor and by the time we headed to the bar we had quite a glow on. I decided this night i was going to wear a dress. This was mistake #1, and the most major mistake I think I made the entire night.  So we all are having fun and drinking at the house, the music is cranked up, my friends are all dancing around and we are just generally relaxing and having fun. The girl I had invited as my date comes up behind me while we are all dancing and slides her fingers up through my hair, giving it a firm but not painful tug. My head pulls back and she whispers in my ear, bed room now.  I look around and the several people who are in my house are having fun. There is lots of liquor left and lots of food. The people are having fun and everyone is occupied with their respective partners, friends and family. I follow my date to my bedroom. She shoves me against the wall as I am trying to kick my door shut, and be quiet at the same time. Knowing that my friends are just on the other side of the wall and knowing that they can hear everything going on is a huge turn on. She deepens the kiss as i pull my hands through her hair and pull tightly on it, indicating that I want more.  She releases my mouth and begins to work her way down my neck and to the openness of my dress, leaving it in place she pinches my nipples between her finger and thumb. Twisting and lightly pinching and rolling in her able hands. I grab the back of her head and try to pull her up, wanting the heat of her mouth on mine.  Miss. Nurse goes with the signals that I am providing but decides that this is not the time that her jeans are going to come off, that she is going to work on me, but be certain that she is not  going to let me get away with anything tonight. My head is fuzzy and she knows im very tipsy.  She kisses me grabbing each of my wrists and having me turn over. We move from the wall to the edge of the bed. She holds my wrists above my head and beds me over the bed.  “stay still and be quiet ” she whispers as her hands go up the skirt of my dress. She quickly removes my panties and kicks my legs to the sides, spreading me open. She  takes my ring and begins to do the same motion she was doing to my nipples, my clit now being the object of her attention and rolling between her fingers. I am edging close and let out a small cry while she is still rolling her fingers between the balls of my barbell. She immediately stops, and whispers “quiet”. I bury my face in the heavy comforter on my bed, biting away the urge to scream, just fuck me already. She takes the clues and enters one single finger slowly, while taking her other hand and continues using the rolling motion on my clit. My head is spinning and i am getting ready to cave. My pussy clenching around her slowing moving finger. Using an in and out circular motion, she takes her time making sure the pad of her finger is stoping and resting on my g-spot. My juices are flowing down the inside of my legs, knowing that I am getting closer she stops all movement. She stops the pressure on my swollen and pulsing clit, she leaves her finger in me on my g-spot but not moving, just allowing me to calm the fire raising in my belly, the sparks that are flying from between my legs. She withdraws the single finger and quickly replaces it with two this time moving faster, knowing the speed and the pressure on my g-spot are going to push me over the edge, to sated bliss.  She continues to roll my ring between her fingers. My head is spinning, lights are flashing behind my eye lids.  She increases the tempo and i let out a loud cry, unable to hold it back.  She rounds my clit with her fingers and then removes everything from my body.  I beg her to put it back in “finish please, just dont stop”  I cry out loudly, not caring who is going  to hear. “its time to go” she whispers. leaning in to pull me up.  As she is I realize the music has stopped, the voices are louder as everyone is putting their shoes on just out side the bedroom door, which means they all know and realize we have been gone and not just for seconds. I quickly get up grabbing a towel off the back of my door and wiping up the inside of my legs. I leave the dripping wet panties on the floor not caring that I am leaving my home with out any underwear on. I straighten my dress and run my fingers through my hair and paste a smile on my face. I hold my head high and walk out. The birthday boy looks at me grabs my last shot and says “looks like you need this “. With that I take my shot, put on my heals and lead the pack out the door to the bar. My date walking behind me, .

Throwback : Married and dating

Soooo I have been thinking about this girl and her husband for a while now and i wanted to write about it finally…  She is totally hot and  makes my mouth water just from the thought of her cum on my face! So we played together on a Saturday morning while her husband was at work! What a build up, but this is when she and her husband came a joined me in bed this morning, and AGAIN that night!!  What a day!

So I get a text that morning asking whats up? I immediately replied, come crawl into bed with me! I wont be alone she replied, so i said screw it, “so?!?” and about 20 min they walk into my room and crawl into bed with me. I have unlimited attention, no questions asked. There has been this awkward, sexual tension between us all in few weeks priorand finally in a hungover, still half drunk stupor I throw caution to the wind and say fuck it.  I reached over and grab her by the back of the head and pull her hair back to expose her neck. To kiss on her warm and soft skin. I nibble down her to the collar bone and start to suck on her exposed areas. She is pulling at the back of my hair and trying to kiss me back.  Her husband is laying beside her, trailing his hands between us. Up and down my arms, across my chest and back to her chest.  He is a very quiet person, and my attraction is predominantly to her sexually. They are both amazing people and good friends, but I loved being with her, being around her and kissing her is like the candy on Christmas morning.  I continued to kiss her  pulling at her sweater and wanting to expose her. She is beginning to pull at my tank top and wants to expose my nipples and my chest. They both love my boobs and are constantly wanting to see and touch them. I let her pull my tank over my head and reveal my perky round breasts. The cold air brushing against them, then his hands are on my nipples. Pulling at them tweeking them. She puts her hands into my hair and pulling on it. Her lips find my mouth, her tongue seeking out mine. My head is swimming, my panties are soaking wet. I reach down between her legs and so are hers. I push her pants off stripping her to nothing. Her body exposed for me to do as I wish with. She is spread eagle in my bed, my body now poising over her. I take her nipples into my mouth and flick it with the tip of my tongue. Her husband strips down and gets behind me. He enters me in one fail swoop. He pulls my shoulders back and arches my ass further into the air.  He is pumping slowly while i am working on her. I am over her and he is over me.  I find her mouth again, her breasts in my hands. She kisses me with more passion and desire pulling my hair back and knowing her husband is about to make me cum and she is going feel it all over her belly and her husband is going to feel it while I clench my internal muscles. She reaches between my legs and finds her husbands cock. She takes her two fingers and places them on either side of my barbell and slowly starts to rub side to side. She is in rythem with her husband, as he enters me from behind she is rubbing side to side. He picks up the pace, pulling on my shoulders even further. My head swims and she drives me over the edge, I release my first orgasm and cum all over her tummy. My juices running down the inside of my leg, splattering on her and I collapse in a sea of endorphin.  My fingers search out her sweet spot, I instantly feel the need to be inside of her, mixing my own cum with her, and make her join me in the sea I am swimming in.  I push two fingers in and leave my thumb on her clit, I go faster and faster, in and out. Her husband still watching us, still swollen inside of my clamped pussy. Dripping with my cum and slowly going in and out of my womanhood. I scoot further back, leaving my fingers inside of her but placing my mouth over her button. I take it between my teeth, her hands tangled into my hair. I increase the pressure, knowing I am about to make her go over the edge. Knowing I am going to taste her and love every min of that sweet juice.  Her legs begin to tremble and she is trying to pull my head off of the sweet spot. I push my fingers deeper and harder into her shaking pussy and send her over the edge. I suck on her clit and know that this is the end. She arches her back and pulls my hair off her pussy. Her orgasm is intense and she is cumming all over my face. I keep lapping at her, flicking her clit as she comes down off the roller coaster that she has just experienced. I am kissing the inside of her legs. Her husband increases his speed and collapses on both of us enjoying his own release along with ours.  We all laid there for a moment a tangle of wetness, arms, legs and body parts. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me close to her. My god, that was amazing she whispers and kissed me further tasting her own cum still on my lips.

MEMORIES: the dancing queen

Have you ever just thought about someone and you get wet? Or you think about the memories that you made with them regardless of what the outcome of the friendship.  I have a couple of those and they come to mind with certain situations and certain things that pop up in my life.  So today on my FB timeline I got a notification that reminded me of an old friend, and immediately my mind starting flipping back to the time we spent together. Now don’t get me wrong I am still reeling over my trucker encounter this week and writing about it made me totally relive it so I am already hot and bothered and writting about it makes it even better, but this one person, well they were my first for a lot of things and so they hold a special sexual position in my heart.

Right after my marriage went down the tubes I decided I was going to go out with a close male friend of mine. He agreed to go to the newly opened gay club with me.  We sat down and chatted the entire night. He actually got hit on more then I did. It was a huge disappointment, but I remember seeing this one blonde dancing around, having a great time and being the life of the party. Hey i know that girl, I said to my friend and immediately pulled out my phone and sent off a message. We left that night and I never heard back from her.

The next morning I am in bed and my phone dings. Why didn’t you say hi then silly. If you recognized me then you should have come over. I am just generally a shy person and I didn’t want to interrupt or embarrass her in front of her friends.  Her reply was, as my profile says “we will just lie and say we met at the library!” I laughed out loud and we made plans to meet at the same place the following Saturday. To be honest here I totally forgot until she messaged me on Saturday and said hey are we still hanging out? I was like oh crap, yes I guess that will work.  Again I went back to my guy friend begging him to be my wing man because I was so nervous. I hadn’t met anyone since before my ex wife and I didn’t know how to do things.  So off my friend and I went to get alcohol and make sure that I was loose enough to ditch my shy personality.  We started drinking vodka and rock stars and when i was ready to leave and go meet the dancing queen, i was sufficiently loaded!!! Oh god, what a mess I have made of this, but there was no turning back now. We wandered up to the bar, just as the dancing queen was coming out, her wing man sufficiently loaded too.  Okay so I am not the only one, a sigh of relief waved over me.  We hung out and made out but that was the end of the date and I never thought i would see the girl again.  To my surprise she invited me over the following weekend and the weekend after that she ended up at my place. We still had not slept together because she had roommates, and we knew that things were going to explode when we finally decided to sleep together.

The dancing queen came over to my house. I cooked dinner and we decided that she was going to spend the weekend with me.  Night #1, was nothing spectacular…..we hung out and yes we had sex but nothing like what we thought it was going to be, but night #2. Half a bottle of vodka later, and the huge emotional release we started kissing. At first it was just simple and easy going but suddenly it started getting hot and heavy. Her tongue was searching out the heat of my mouth, my fingers roaming through her hair and hers tangled in mine. This was not just any ordinary kiss but one that is leading somewhere and going to be an enjoyable night. We grab the bottle of vodka from the freezer and head to the bed room. Letting go of all inhibitions dancing queen grabs me by  my hair and throws me over the end of the bed forcing me to my knees. She is slowly kissing the back of my neck and pulling my hair into a pony tail all the while making sure that I am unable to move, being forced down by her body weight.  Its summer time and I am in a short sundress, she immediately pushes my dress up to my waist and her fingers find the side of my panties. She pushes them to the side grazing my clit causing me to get very wet.   She pushes me up on the bed, ensure that i am still bent over, maneuvering me by the makeshift pony tail in my hair. She knows that i am a puddle in her wake with my hair being pulled like that. Still bent over with my behind in the air and panties to the side she reaches into my bedside table and pulls out my favorite dildo that is in there. She sucks the dildo to ensure that it doesn’t rip me too bad, and enters me from behind. She releases my hair and I collapse onto the pillow. She reaches between my legs to find my clit and begins to rub it side to side all the while still keeping the dildo entered and still into me. I am full and climbing higher. I reach my hands over to touch her, and she shoves them back into the bed, releasing my clit to pin my arms down. She begins to move the dildo inside of me, slowly twirling it and pulling it out and pushing it in. Very slowly and erotically and pinning my arms while she does it. She is enjoying this as much as I am.  Knowing that I prefer to be in the control position she is determined that she is going to fuck me and make me like it.  Where is your strap on She asks me?  I point to the bottom drawer of the night stand, just below where she pulled my dildo out of. Knowing my lack of any experience in this area  She tells me to cover my eyes and stay put and disappears into the bathroom. I dont listen well and I never have so I get up to continue to drink.  I pour us both a shot and sit back on the bed when she enters the room and  is just in the strap on and a shirt, now  I know I am in trouble. She has chosen the large one and not the smaller one. I am a tiny girl and like it hard, but not that size. I have never had that size used on me before, and never again will! She takes her shot with me and then forces me to bend me over, removing my panties in one fail swoop. She  grabs my hips and pulls me up closer to her, she is directly behind me and poised to enter. She slowly puts the tip into my tight pussy. Letting me take the small amount and getting my body adjusted to the size of the strap on . She sits there for just a moment and then moves move in. She is gripping my hip with one hand and my hair with another. I am so wet and finally adjusted to the size of it. The pain is causing pleasure and I am enjoying it. She puts the entire dong into me and I let out a loud audible gasp. Are you okay? I nod my head yes, unable to speak barely able to breath with the size engulfing me, pressing on every internal muscle I have. She starts to move her hips back and forth causing a rocking sensation up my stomach muscles. I wiggle to pull away but she is holding my hips still and forcing me to take the entire thing. She moves slowly at first, pulling all the way back and then pushing in again. She has my hips in the air and I am barely able to control my own body. I am shaking from the combination of the pain and the pleasure the strap on is causing me. I am reaching for my own clit, ready to climax and release. She pushes it further, Cum for me  she says giving me permission to make myself cum. I take her cue and rub my swollen clit further  and faster then ever before. I push on my button directly below my piercing and know that this is going to make me go crazy.  I set myself off and pull forward, leaning intro the bed and pushing the strap on out of my swollen cunt I quiver in sweet release. I know that I am done for now, I know that I cant take that size again but shaking in sweet release none the less. Dancing queen also knows this and removes the strap on, and reinstates her boxers. She sits on the bed next to me, pours me another shot and as I take it she strokes my hair and says “good girl, you will learn to take it” This was the start of quite a few encounters that lead to the beginning of the end of my sexual deviancy.