Getting Caught- Part two The Bar

So about two hours later, 5-6 shots and quite a bit of pool and dancing, I decide that its time to go to the bathroom and go to the next party.  Hanging out at the bar, and not having panties on with a dress was very exciting. Something I have never done before, but certainly exciting.  Randomly my date would send me a text saying, i can almost see that wet pussy, or I wanna fuck you right here, and send a picture of the pool table or the stage.  It was a huge  and i was so just ready to go home and not even hit the next party, but commitments are commitments. and i was going to stick with them.  I hugged most of my friends good bye and made sure to give the birthday boy a last shot of liquor while making sure his babysitter was still sober enough to get him home and excused myself to the rest room.  Now this was a “dive bar” and one that I would not normally frequent but one that was alot of fun with this crowd of poeple. Teetering on my high heals and trying to touch up my make up while not rubbing lipstick all over my neck and  face, I feel a hand on my back sliding down to the curve of my ass. I immediately know that it is my date and she certainly isnt done with me. She has left me wanting more, soaking wet and teasing me all night, and I know that this is about to get hot. The bathroom has two full stalls and an alcove in the corner that is blocked out by the two stalls.  She is pulling my wrist and pushing me into the corner of the alcove. She places a hand over my mouth and tells me to be quiet.  Knowing that this is impossible for me, its a hard task to follow. She shoves my dress up and enters me with 2 fingers. She is anything but gentle this time. I let out a loud gasp. “shhhhhhhh” she reminds me. I am already wet enough to be slidding down my inner theighs. I am already seeing stars and feel the heat swelling in my clit. I am pulsing, wanting her to go faster and just make it end.  She withdraws her fingers and places a hand over my mouth.  We can hear people comming through the back hall where the bathroom is located. “shut the fuck up” a woman yells, and enters the room. She stumbles into the first empty stall, slamming the door.  We are still in the corner of the “open” stall and totally visable. My date pushes me further into the wall and locks her warm mouth over mine. Grabbing me by the back of the head she pulls my hair back with one hand and re-enters me with the other. This time she is anyting but gentle. She has her thumb applying pressure on the swelling in my clit, my juices are running down her hand, the inside of my legs and my head lolling to one side. I know I am about to tip over the edge and into the bliss of pheramones that will finally sate the gnawing, burning feeling  in my loins. “do NOT STOP” i breath out, panting and knowing that I am about to cum all over her hand and possibly all over my dress. The release is exactly what I am craving what I need and what my body desires. My muscles clench, my body is shaking, I can feel the heat that is swollen in my clit, I am so ready to jump off the cliff and in to sation. She removes her pressure on my clit and lightly flicks it. This is all the ecnouragement I need to fall over the edge. My body clenches, my stomach tightens and with that i scream “i am cumming” she pushes her fingers faster and harder.  My body pulses and my clit finally releasees all of the pulsing that has been built up. She feels my body release and removes her fingers. I slide down the inside of the wall and finally open my eyes. The seas of bright lights, liquor and sweet release are making my head spin. ” dont let me interupt” a voice says to the left of us. We both snap our heads over, and realize the person in the other stall was the bartender, and she was grinning from ear to ear. With that she flicks her long dark hair and marches back to the bar.

“Oh shit, now what?” i ask. I am mortified at what just happened and what the bartender potentially would have witnessed.  ” The exits just out side the bathrooms, we leave as we planned”  she replies, thrusting a hand towards me. I take her hand, steady myself on my heals, and run my fingers through my hair. No matter how mortified I am I will not let it keep my head down. I paste a smile on my face and walk out the back door of the bar.

Getting Caught! Ekkk the first time……part 1 of 3

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t care who walks in, the timing is right,  the chemistry is right and the mood is set? But you also get the rush of excitement knowing that someone could walk in at any moment, making it all that much more exciting?  Well this happened to me, and not just once, not twice but 3 times in the same night! I swear I have the worst luck ever on this night.  Intrigued yet? Here is the story.

I was seeing a girl, a nurse to be exact. She was quite a bit more wild then even myself, but hey who isnt up for new experiences right?  I invited her over for my friends birthday party. The pre-drinking was at my place along with appetizers and cake.  The pre-drinking was alot of hard liquor and by the time we headed to the bar we had quite a glow on. I decided this night i was going to wear a dress. This was mistake #1, and the most major mistake I think I made the entire night.  So we all are having fun and drinking at the house, the music is cranked up, my friends are all dancing around and we are just generally relaxing and having fun. The girl I had invited as my date comes up behind me while we are all dancing and slides her fingers up through my hair, giving it a firm but not painful tug. My head pulls back and she whispers in my ear, bed room now.  I look around and the several people who are in my house are having fun. There is lots of liquor left and lots of food. The people are having fun and everyone is occupied with their respective partners, friends and family. I follow my date to my bedroom. She shoves me against the wall as I am trying to kick my door shut, and be quiet at the same time. Knowing that my friends are just on the other side of the wall and knowing that they can hear everything going on is a huge turn on. She deepens the kiss as i pull my hands through her hair and pull tightly on it, indicating that I want more.  She releases my mouth and begins to work her way down my neck and to the openness of my dress, leaving it in place she pinches my nipples between her finger and thumb. Twisting and lightly pinching and rolling in her able hands. I grab the back of her head and try to pull her up, wanting the heat of her mouth on mine.  Miss. Nurse goes with the signals that I am providing but decides that this is not the time that her jeans are going to come off, that she is going to work on me, but be certain that she is not  going to let me get away with anything tonight. My head is fuzzy and she knows im very tipsy.  She kisses me grabbing each of my wrists and having me turn over. We move from the wall to the edge of the bed. She holds my wrists above my head and beds me over the bed.  “stay still and be quiet ” she whispers as her hands go up the skirt of my dress. She quickly removes my panties and kicks my legs to the sides, spreading me open. She  takes my ring and begins to do the same motion she was doing to my nipples, my clit now being the object of her attention and rolling between her fingers. I am edging close and let out a small cry while she is still rolling her fingers between the balls of my barbell. She immediately stops, and whispers “quiet”. I bury my face in the heavy comforter on my bed, biting away the urge to scream, just fuck me already. She takes the clues and enters one single finger slowly, while taking her other hand and continues using the rolling motion on my clit. My head is spinning and i am getting ready to cave. My pussy clenching around her slowing moving finger. Using an in and out circular motion, she takes her time making sure the pad of her finger is stoping and resting on my g-spot. My juices are flowing down the inside of my legs, knowing that I am getting closer she stops all movement. She stops the pressure on my swollen and pulsing clit, she leaves her finger in me on my g-spot but not moving, just allowing me to calm the fire raising in my belly, the sparks that are flying from between my legs. She withdraws the single finger and quickly replaces it with two this time moving faster, knowing the speed and the pressure on my g-spot are going to push me over the edge, to sated bliss.  She continues to roll my ring between her fingers. My head is spinning, lights are flashing behind my eye lids.  She increases the tempo and i let out a loud cry, unable to hold it back.  She rounds my clit with her fingers and then removes everything from my body.  I beg her to put it back in “finish please, just dont stop”  I cry out loudly, not caring who is going  to hear. “its time to go” she whispers. leaning in to pull me up.  As she is I realize the music has stopped, the voices are louder as everyone is putting their shoes on just out side the bedroom door, which means they all know and realize we have been gone and not just for seconds. I quickly get up grabbing a towel off the back of my door and wiping up the inside of my legs. I leave the dripping wet panties on the floor not caring that I am leaving my home with out any underwear on. I straighten my dress and run my fingers through my hair and paste a smile on my face. I hold my head high and walk out. The birthday boy looks at me grabs my last shot and says “looks like you need this “. With that I take my shot, put on my heals and lead the pack out the door to the bar. My date walking behind me, .