Thursday April 20 2017- The trucker our sexual encounter on our first meeting

Fun with a girl I met , our first encounter.


So about a year ago I started talking to a  girl . When I started it I never expected my life to change the way that it did, but I cant complain. My experiences over the last year specifically and in my life in general have certainly changed me for the best.

So I started chatting with this girl, and there were enough sparks to light a bon fire with. We spent hours and hours on the phone and face timing each other, talking about random shit. We tried on numerous occasions to meet up and finally see if the spark and chemistry was there in person, not just via the technology of today (facebook, phone, skype) but to no avail our lives got in the way and we ended up cancelling. Because of this and all the crazy stuff going on in our lives we lost touch, deleted from facebook, we both got new phones and didn’t have each others phone numbers any more. Just in general fate was saying sorry guys its not your time!  So on Monday I happened to be flipping through Facebook and at the top it said you may know this person! WHOA What the hell?  It was my trucker all over again, and my heart sunk into my stomach. Do I message her?….I debated for over an hour about sending that initial hey how are you message… I didn’t want to come across as desperate, or stalking or what if the sparks were only there on my end?  My dad has always told me I have bigger balls then any grown man he has ever known and go after what I want in life,so in the end  I  typed out a short “hey stranger how are you” and hit the send button before I could even think twice about it.  I closed the browser and went back to work. I can’t say I haven’t thought about her over the last year because I have but I figured she has my number if she was thinking about me she would message me.

So Thursday morning I am sitting at my computer working away, and I get a notification on my phone that I have a new facebook message. I open it up and there smiling at me is my trucker saying Holy Shot, HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!  Well not the great big umm wtf do you want message I half expected but certainly a nice surprise. We caught up a bit, and I found out she recently moved closer to me, and I recently moved closer to her, we now live about 1 hour apart rather then 6.  Well, Well, Well fate finally decided this was our time to meet.  We chatted and I found out that she had a dedicated run going through my area. Many times we were in the same place at the same time frame, and as if Fate needed to kick our butts any more, the town I currently live in happens to be the place she stops to sleep!!!!!!! WHAT????

Next thing I know, she tells me she is going to come see me! Okay so I have heard this before and chalk it up to yah right something is going to come up. It was nice to chat again, but I highly doubted she would show up.  I teased her about this, and she was like nope dinner and beer! Its time! LOL…..I agreed, of course I would agree. Who wouldn’t? This sexy beast wants to come see me, why would I ever pass this up? But not exactly getting my hopes up because I know our past and it never seams to work out. She tells me she has two stops to make and then she will be here. After the last stop she calls me on the phone and says “well ummm I have” and before she could get any more out, I reply “I already knew you wouldn’t be here, why do you think I started laundry!” With us there is no filter, no games, no nothing we can tell each other everything, so she pipes off haha I got you but for real, I have a problem, I dont have your address. LOL!! POINT FOR TRUCKER! I immediately text her my address and a local location close to my house that she can park her truck at. She tells me it will be about 2 hours and will be here  by 7. I immediately go back to doing laundry and cleaning up my house. Still only half thinking that she is coming.  At 7 pm my phone rings and she says okay here is your ten min warning I am here, just getting food and I will be over! WTF? She actually showed up? I get through the shower, through on some clean yoga pants and toss my hair into a messy bun! Oh well If she cant find my attractive at my worst then she doesn’t deserve me at my best. This is always my motto and off I go to meet her.  I walk up to her truck and her AMAZING dog is hanging out the window so I immediately know it is her and this is real and happening.  She grabs a bag and jumps out of the truck.  She looks just like she did on the electronic devices….. and now my stomach is in knots.  She doesn’t hug me, no Hi how are you? nothing like that, she immediately goes “well you dont look like you do in your pictures, or phone”. UMMM okay?!? what do you mean? nothing nothing she says and we head to my house. We sit and drink a couple beers and eat poutines and chat like old friends. All the while I am wondering what that comment was about because it certainly seams as though there are sparks still there.  So I ask her! Again balls bigger then any man (and technically I have balls LOL) She says to me finally easing my nerves, your pictures and face time dont do you justice. Your more beautiful in person. I was nervous when you walked up. For her, my big bad tattooed, pierced trucker I am sure that was hard to say.

She walks into the kitchen to grab another beer for us, and walking around the corner she goes, so do you find me attractive? (in my head I wanted to scream well no shit Sherlock your still in my house!!!)  I will never ever forget this moment, she looked like a little boy with his first crush on a girl, kind of hopping back and forth swaying from foot to foot. I know it was only seconds but forever that image will be burned into my brain. It was the sweetest image I think I have seen in a long time.  I hesitate not knowing how to respond and simply just say of course. She literally flys from the 2 feet she is away from me, leans over the side of the couch and grabs me by the back of my head and kisses me. Long and deep and passionate. Whoa, my head is now spinning and my body lit on fire from the sparks between us.  It ends and we are in the awkward silence of the what to do now. I know I am the one who pulled away, who made it awkward, because now I have a major issue between us and I just dont know how to say anything.  So I get up and change the music and we decide to go and get her puppy from the truck and see if he will play well with my bitch of a dog. My dog is 11lbs and thinks she is 111 lbs and gets along with no dogs, but we decide to try. PHEW okay so maybe my secret is safe. Maybe there isn’t the fire between us that I just imagined.  I know she lit me on fire my clit is still pulsing, screaming touch me touch me touch me. My wet panties are certainly a constant reminder of the kiss we just shared. My head is spinning in fear and desire and wanting of this girl all mixed with a bit of alcohol so my inhibitions are very much lowered.  We get back and low and be hold after a little bit of coaxing her dog and my dog seam to be okay together. WTF, now I am screaming at Fate, why? Like really? Why???? I have this thing between us and now everything is perfect and we cant even act on it??? Talk about being a bitch Fate, like really?

We keep chatting and its starting to get later, midnight (ish). She reaches over, grabs my head and kisses me again. The sparks fly between us, the warmth of her tongue reaching from my lips to between my thighs. I am instantly soaked and wet and pulsing wanting her to touch me, but I cant. I still have this thing i have to tell her. So again I pull away. Again I end up on my end of the couch and she on her end. Now remember we have no filters between us, we say what we want when we want to, and its awesome.  So she says, so whats your biggest fantasy? LOL, okay so now we are going to dirty talk? She knows talking is a huge turn on for me. She knows that telling me what she wants to do to me, gets me going faster then you can snap your fingers.  I cant do this not with out telling her my issue and secret.  I tell her simply that I dont know that I have a fantasy, if I want something I go out and get it.  And retaliate with what is your biggest fantasy?  She says pretty much the same thing back to me. We are so similar only physically different. She is definitely the guy and I am definitely the girl. Typical of same sex type people.  So I ask her what her hottest encounter was, and she reply’s “no judging”. We have an 1000% honesty no judge rule with us. So i snap yes, just tell me.  So she begins to describe this encounter she previously had which just so happened to include my secret that is holding me back from her. I am like whoa wait what did you just say?  I am half hiding my face in the couch because I know that I am blushing and probably look like a tomato at this point. She repeated, she just so happened to be ragging at the time we went to have sex, and i threw caution to the wind and it ended up being a good time. I am ragging….I started my period about an hour before she got there. Usually this is a no no to women, they dont know how to use it to their advantage that I am my most sexually deviant and kinkiest this time of the month and I never get to act on it, and the few times I have included a limited shower. So I just look at her and say your okay with that?  It doesn’t bother you?  Her reply, as if reading my mind. There is a shower for a reason! WTF? Fate you bitch! Talk about nerves for nothing. So I blurt out, in a non-attractive way, I am fucking ragging why do you think i am pushing you away. The secret is out, she can take it or leave…… She smiles and says so????? OMG finally someone as sexually deviant as me and my thoughts and mind and desires.  She leans over and starts kissing me again!! This time, my top winds up on the floor, so now just in my tank top, and panties and yoga pants its very clear I am aroused and enjoying the making out.  I am not a big kissing person because most people do not know how to kiss with out shoving their tongue down my throat for a tonsil inspection but man this girl knows how to kiss. I bite her lips and her rings,  I pull genitally at them. I think its time to take this to bed.  My nipples are hard a stone, and straining against the rings in them, and showing through my thin tank top, my panties are soaked and starting to soak through my yoga pants.She knows she has me going. For months and months we talked about what turns us on and fantasies and desires so she knows exactly what she is doing to me. It isn’t that weird first time lets get this over with sex, its like being with someone you have slept with 100 times before.  We fall into bed and she is pulling at my clothes. She is pulling my hair and kissing me in a way that I just cant describe. Each time she nips at my lips or my ears or just pulling at me fireworks are going off. She has me so aroused. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head, my back is arching pulling at her to get closer and feel the warmth of her. Its like my body is on fire but I am still cold and searching for her heat. She strips me down, pulling my yoga pants and panties off in one wet, swoop. She is sucking on my rings, my nipples. Her hands roaming my body leaving behind trails  of fire as she goes. She find my last piercing and its dripping wet and she starts to genitally tickle it and massage my clit. She is so soft except for the warmth of her hands and the pulsing sensation i am getting from my clit all the way to my belly button i wouldn’t have known she was there.  I am so close to going over the edge, I just want to beg her to be inside me.  She spreads my legs , arch my back higher and she sits up, leaving behind the missing warmth of her body. She sits there for a moment just looking at me, naked and vulnerable, spread open just for her. Waiting for her next move, not wanting to move, but sitting in my own cum and wetness. Wanting her to go back to touching me, making me come alive.  After what felt like hours, but I am sure was only seconds she says, brace yourself. I am a tiny girl  and, generally I can only fit 1-2 fingers in me. Assuming she is going to do 2, I dont brace myself enough and she enters me with 3. I let out a very loud ahhhhhh, and she slowly removes them to just the tip.  She enters me again with all 3, filling me to the fullest I have ever been, sending heat waves through my body and making me climb the cliff once more.  She withdraws once more, but never fully exiting my body. She slowly starts to move her fingers inside of with , withdrawing and entering again and again. She is pushing me up and up just about to go over. The pulsing, the movement the hypersensitivity of everything she is doing is sending me to the moon. I am just about to cum, and when I cum I squirt everywhere. I cant do it with her inside of me but I know that the orgasm I am about to reach is so intense I beg her to take her fingers out.  She ignores my request and sends me higher and higher, and again I beg and she removes them sending me over the edge.  A fountain of cum exiting my body as I reach down and rub my clit to soften the orgasm. I have just soaked the entire bed and her in one fail swoop. My legs are shaking and my head is pulsing. I am trying desperately to catch my breath. My eyes are still in the back of my head and I am swimming in a pool of endorphin’s. I feel her move, and generally in sex its to get a towel after I have entirely soaked the bed and the person, but I feel my legs being pushed apart, and the warmth of her mouth on the pulsing of my ring. She ever so genitally pulls at my ring with her teeth, lapping up my cum with tongue, slowing making me rise again to the highest point before I tip over the edge, but she never increases her speed and roughness. Just letting me plateau in sea of colorful bliss, and sweet agony. Wanting to beg her to tip me over, bend me over and enter me, fill me and fuck me.  She begins to pick up the pace and enters me, but only 2 this time. Making sure she can feel every pulse every clench of my internal muscles screaming for her to push me over. She goes faster and faster. She tells me she is going to cum too, she is as close as I am. Hearing this I know I am going to and cum all over her face and hands. Hearing I can make her cum with only her watching me and seeing what excitement she does to me makes me ready to explode in that blissful light of color and heat. She  starts to fuck me as fast as possible and that sends me over the edge, she removes her fingers just as we both release and I am cumming all over her face and hair.  We finally collapse into a pile and lay in blissful silence.

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